BIG Thanks!! Yopera

2015 was a great year. To all the special people who came across my path, A BIG Thanks!! Yopera

Yes, it was a year of changes, new projects and lots of new people. Got the opportunity to work with great models and Actresses, 2 new start-ups Dres Mi Apparel and Ladies of Lavish and make-up artist like Lily Does Makeup and Eyes of Beauty. To all of them…


Some of the models and Actresses featured are:

Fiona WadeShannen ElizabethDorothy Yeung, Emma Young, Carla Ruiz, Jessica Chen, Karina Donovan, Andrena Liu, Ada Kiss, Mackenzie Howald, Jessica Nowicki, Teryi Webb, Julianne Appleton, Katy Budd, Stephanie Chee